Four pieces of clothing I must have in my closet

5 ess iphotoessiphoto5One day looking in my closet I realized that if i don’t have a four particular  pieces of clothing I probably wouldn’t be able to put any outfits together.

In my hectic life of working a 9 to 5 Job and other extra curricular activities, sometimes you its hard to find what to wear to work or even to occasional events. well I wanted to share easier ways to put an outfit together, its simple trust me:

The first main thing is a basic black dress, well since Im going to write about the basic black dress in my next blog post, im going to just keep it simple, however you can make at least 100 outfits with a simple black dress.


I know this may sound so plain and boring  but a simple black pump is another must have piece for me personally. you can style a black pump with anything. I swear its a neutral for heading to the office, going out with friends, going on a date…etc black-pump

In addition to two black pieces of clothing, it works you guys, A simple collared shirt, now I know that it sounds morbid and boring but you can spruce up a collared top for any event. white-collar

Okay last but not least  a dressy jacket or blazer always can take a work look to a more refine evening with the family. You can wear a blazer at any point. blazer

Welp, hopefully I was helpful you guys, I mean its super easy to be a fashionista, you just need to know the basics.

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