“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” let that beholder be YOURSELF

So I wanted to write a blog about self-love and self-confidence. I know…. I know it’s a Fashion blog right? However I thought it would be perfect to write about since the issue since its been weighing on me lately. I believe it’s very important in our society that we don’t compare ourselves to any imagery on the television (its not real) and what our peers think is the ideal beauty…. so I know its easier said then done. We all have insecurities; unfortunately I can name a list of my insecurities. I can name plenty of occasions when my closest friends and family have made me involuntarily insecure …you know…Holiday season…when you see the entire family…if you don’t look like a model…your too fat or underhanded side comments on how much you’ve gain weight since the last time they’ve seen you…. and its not even family a lot of times the media can take a toll on your self image and confidence if you don’t meet the ideal “American look” whatever that is “rolls eyes” then you’re seen as flawed. Well I wanted to express how important it is to see beauty in yourself. We are all different, made differently, God design is not the same…I mean think about, if we all the same it would be so boring. Pressures from family, Media, friends, even spouse sometimes can bring your insecurities out and about. Well I’m here to tell you you’re beautiful. Every imperfection is perfection.


I love how some celebrities like Alicia Keys are showing her natural beauty, that you don’t need make up.




Side note: I love make up not to cover anything up, but I believe its Art, but that’s for another blog post.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” let that beholder be YOURSELF. Unfortunately America is built on Image and beauty and it will takes a long time to knock down what the ideal of beauty looks like, however I feel like we are making progress with Dove ads and celebrities expressing beauty beyond the “Standard”.



Write your thoughts about beauty, do you agree or disagree.

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