My Season Accessories…

So infatuated with statement jewelry, I cant get enough, so to start my fashion ABCs.

                    A for Accessories.

Accessories accents an outfit. But my favorite type of Jewelry is a beautiful statement earring or necklace. This summer statement earrings are definitely coming back. Seeing the trend come back , I’m noticing a lot of frills, tassels and bright color earrings. I always emphasized that accessories can make or break an outfit. statement earrings 1


“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” Michael Kors

I love the way accessories can create and frame an outfit.  I wear certain accessories for different occasions, I love pearls for almost everything, I think its such a classy look and you can wear pearls to almost any occasion. 

I also love bright color ,over exaggerated jewelry especially with a simple outfit to exaggerate the jewelry.


statement earrings



The best places I buy my Statement Jewelry is:




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