Blazers Galore

Continuing my fashion ABCs…. The Blazer is one of my favorite items to buy.

      B for Blazer Galore 

Going into a business office and leaving, blazers can change your entire appearance. Blazers are always a great piece to have in the closet. From daytime to night, blazers can be a multi-facet piece to have. I wear blazers mostly in the fall and winter, however there are also blazers that can be worn in the summer and spring.


But living in hot Atlanta I wouldn’t recommend styling blazers too much in the heat. I have linen blazers for the summer and spring. I also sport floral prints and quarter sleeves blazers. Blazers are so universal. I wanted to display some ways in which I wear my blazers in the summer time. You can never go wrong with a good floral blazer.


I love wearing dresses in the summer, when I go to work I throw on a cute blazer to look more professional, but after work I take off my blazer and now I’m ready to do after work activities.

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Some of the places I buy my blazers are and find good sales:

To find the looks to my recent outfits look at under the Fashion suitcase tab on my homepage of my blog.

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