Fashion and Living through the Pandemic…

Hey everyone its been awhile since I wrote a post. This year has been amazingly challenging. Trying to maintain a blog on top of everyday life adjustments due to the coronavirus. I haven’t shopped or even thought about fashion, only thoughts of living. But on a positive note I want to write about a couple of items I picked up before the pandemic and how the fashion industry is different because of the current events. The items I picked up where both from boohoo online (

Pleated leopard skirt 19 dollars at great find, the orginal price was 25 dollars but boohoo always have a lot of promo codes you can use.
This skirt just flows, pair it with wedges or flats.

The second purchase was a boohoo wrap dress, which is great for the Fall and Winter, pair this dress with high boots or ankle cut boots its perfect for the fall.

This dress also goes for 25 dollars on the website.

The Fashion industry has been hit hard by this pandemic,from shops closing and cancelled events. Mask are now apart of the everyday wear. Even some brands are including it as the focus point of the outfit. Several brands are utilizing online shopping instead of face to face. Also there’s virtual fashion shows where the models are not even human, but virtual reality. Although this pandemic has been the worst in my lifetime, its brought out what the future will look like for fashion.

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